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Meet The Staff Of Toliver Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT

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  • Brian Toliver
    Dealer / Owner of Toliver Auto Group

    Brian Toliver, a graduate of the Texas Tech University and a native of Haskell, Texas has been in the automotive industry since 1980.  President of the Toliver Auto Group serving the area of Dallas Fort Worth from Corsicana to Sulphur Springs, Texas.  Brian's family has been involved in the automotive industry surrounding the Abilene Big Country area since the 1930's.  He is partner with his sons in the North East Texas area and involved in farming and ranching in West Texas with his siblings in Haskell county.  Brian is involved in his local church and believes in making a good business environment and community for the area of Corsicana.  He believes in SERVICE FIRST for the customer and building a strong staff for long term loyalty and satisfaction for his employees and customers.  "You Will Like The Way We Trade."  

  • Brent Toliver
    Managing Partner

    Brent Toliver, a graduate of the Texas Tech University with a degree in Business Administration in Finance and a native of West Texas.  Brent has been actively involved in the automotive industry since 2002.  He has worked for other Automotive Groups in the Dallas market before returning to family business in 2005.  He is actively involved in his local church and spends his extra time with his two children and wife.

  • Jonathan Toliver

  • Greg Dinan
    General Manager

    Greg married the love of his life 31 years ago...the same year he started in the car business as a Used Car Porter.  This father of 4 and Grandfather of 3 is passionate about customer service and fostering a Team that follows through on this commitment.  Stop by anytime and say hi...his door is always open.

  • Perry Rueter
    Used Vehicle Director

    If Perry's not on a Golf Course or a beach you will find him making sure that all our Pre-Owned Vehicles are reconditioned and ready for you!  He's a Rangers Fan and loves the 'Thomas Crown Affair'...both the remake and the original with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway....who doesn't?? Perry's true passion is his family...watering the trees with his granddaughter brings great joy...and peace.

  • Will Johnson
    New Vehicle Sales Manager

    Will is the guy who helps make sure we always have the right New vehicle inventory in stock and ready when you are ready.  He loves a rousing game of twister...or simply a quiet night watching Elf.  A self trained chef, Will enjoys excellent ingredients that create wonderful dishes to share with his friends. And as a Rangers fan...he's sure to have a great year! 

  • Deborah Cooper
    Business Develepment Coordinator

    Great talent is a true asset to any organization.  At Toliver, we are quite fortunate to have Deborah who has a natural gift for helping our customers through the process of getting a new or pre-owned vehicle.  She is the one who will quickly respond to your email requests and help you set an appointment based on your schedule...and your needs.  A family focused person who's 'dream dinner' is with her husband, brother and Grandfather; Deborah is also quite witty...probably as a result of being a Mark Twain fan.

  • Marisol Villabal
    Tip of the Spear - Customer Relations

    Your first introduction to Marisol is when she answers the phone when you call our store.  Her soft kind tone reflects her personality and once you meet her you are sure to agree.  Her favorite movie is 'I am Sam' and she enjoys her Bible Study with children.  A true Rangers fan Marisol can keep up with the best of us when reliving a great play and a tough win.  About to walk the aisle Marisol has a spring in her step and an eager determination to get your calls to the right people quickly. 

  • Kathie Griffith
    Tip of the Spear - Customer Relations

    Ms. Kathie is flat out the kindest person on the planet!  Seriously, if you don't leave an interaction with her smiling then you just weren't listening.  Her infectious smile and spirit covers the showroom with a good feeling and it's a pleasure to see her speak to customers.  A Cowboys fan who loves 'The Sound of Music' and loves to play board games with her family and friends.  Stop by or call NOW just to be swept into her spell.

  • Doyle McGahan
    Senior Sales Consultant

    An avid fisherman and Cowboy fan Doyle is reading the "Texas Ranger  - Life and Time of Frank Hammer". Doyle's down home charm and honest dealing will make you feel comfortable from the start...and once you buy from Doyle...you always will again.  He has a loyal following from being our longest tenured Sales Pro and he's a great conversationalist. 

  • Marcus Jones
    Sales Consultant

    Can you tell that Gladiator is Marcus' favorite movie?  And this die-hard Cubs fan is in his office every morning starting his day the same way, reading 'Power Prayers'.  He's a good man who likes to work out and is still waiting to have dinner with Denzel, Kendrick Lamar and Eva Longoria. 

  • Joe Palos
    Sales Consultant

    Flashing back to when he went to the Saturday matinee and watched 'Giant' for just a quarter, Joe still holds this as his favorite movie.  He's a Cowboys fan with a passion for his Faith and his family and Joe is a solid member of our sales Team.  He's quite and calm...and has a strong customer following.  Come see Joe...you'll be glad you did.

  • Patrick Dinan
    Sales Consultant

    Don't let the braces fool you...this young man knows his way around a vehicle and is eager to help you find your next ride.  Spending time with his family and fiancé are his priorities outside of work along with catching all the fish in the lake.  A competitive Clay shooter and an avid hunter Patrick has plenty of motivation to work hard and learn daily.  Come give him a try and you'll be sure to enjoy your time with him.

  • Chris Suarez
    Lot Manager

    Chris is the man who makes sure we always look our best outside.  He's a professional parker of any type of vehicle and is quite adept at fitting 50 vehicles in an area designed for 40.  He likes fast cars and old trucks and in his short time here continues to impress us with his hard work and eagerness to please.

  • David Coldiron
    Parts Manager

    The title 'Parts Manager' doesn't do David justice.  Yes he runs a tight ship and knows his way around Mopar but he's also our 'Go To' guy for just about anything.  Serving also as our IT guru, printer fixer and orderer of things David always responds with a quite "I'll get it handled".  He's the perfect 'grease' to our 'wheel'.  Speaking of grease....David can be found many weekends racing his Stock Car (I don't know why they are called Stock...should be 'fast and scary') and keeping up with Day motor Sports and Smileys Racing Catalog.  A true 'gear head', give him a call!

  • Gale Coldiron
    Parts Department

    You will see Gale driving all over town in the Toliver truck delivering parts.  She's the 'rubber on the road' that allows local businesses to have the parts they need quickly.  Her favorite movie is 'While you were sleeping' and other than watching the Cowboys she loves taking road trips with her family.  I guess driving is a passion!

  • Gerardo 'Jerry' Valdivia
    Parts Department

    'The Avengers', the Cowboys, fishing and simply spending time with his family is what makes Jerry tick away from work.  At Toliver he is the guy making sure our customers and the Technicians get the right part...fast.  His great demeanor and smile will make every encounter with Jerry enjoyable....come by for some parts today!

  • Jennifer Lagrone

    The solid rock that supports us all...she is an excellent counter of things and watchdog of everything.  Jennifer is our loyal and resolute Controller.  She keeps us all on track and provides great perspective.  Her favorite movie changes frequently but her love of the Cowboys never falters.  Jen's heart remains however with her husband and their travels to the Pacific North West. 

  • Dennys Ramirez
    Title Clerk

    Pronounced 'Di-nees', Dennys is on a one woman campaign to prove the restaurant mispronounces their name.  She's a steadfast worker who ensures all your title work is done correctly and efficiently.  'Age of Adaline' is her favorite movie and she has a love of discovering new places. 

  • The Service Team
    We get you back on the road!

    We proudly introduce our individual Team members on this page; however, at Toliver it's crucial to remember that we function as one cohesive Team.  We don't place blame...we don't make excuses...we just do whatever it takes to provide World Class Customer Service....every...single...time!  Stop by and give us a try.

  • Dean Barclay
    Service Manager

    We are proud to welcome Dean back where he belongs bringing 35 years of experience and a strong sense of community.  Starting out turning wrenches Dean understands all the components of a great Service Department...and follows through on our Pledge to provide World Class Customer Service. 

  • Antonio Gutierrez
    Service Advisor

    You're going to love dealing with Tony when you need work on your vehicle.  An excellent chef and friend to all, Tony loves to relax with his family as often as possible...whether it's on the softball or soccer field Tony always makes time for his family.  You know he has a big heart as he self admittedly cant stop from crying when Bambi's mother is killed but he also has the strength of character to keep watching over and over hoping it doesn't happen the next time.

  • Bert McMullen
    Service Advisor

    Bert's smile is contagious and you will agree when you come in for service work.  He's developed quite a loyal following over the many years that he's been on our Service Drive...and you will always leave knowing that your vehicle is in good hands.  Always trying to please it was Bert who came up with our bell system to alert us when you drive in.  His favorite game is Candy Land but don't let his innocence fool you....he's one heck of an educated advisor. 

  • Kenneth Stallings
    Service Advisor

    One of the friendliest guys you will meet is Kenny.  Even though his favorite movie is "Fury" you would never know if by his pleasant demeanor.  Kenny will greet you at your car with a smile and most likely start talking about the recent Ranger's game.  He knows his way around a car, and you will be happy it's in his hands.

  • Baltasar Vasquez
    VP of Making it Happen

    With a name like Baltasar you are either a Babylonian King or you are the King of all things needed at Toliver Ram.  Well 'Bal' is the latter.  The first person in the store every day Bal always has a kind word and an innocent smile to make your day brighter.  From running a tractor all day to hanging a picture Bal does it all...and we couldn't do what we do without him.  His favorite movie is Radio and loves to spend time on the beach with his family.  Bal is a true asset...one of those few people who enrich your life just by knowing him.

  • Mark Newman
    Service Technician

    Is this the picture of a man you want working on your vehicle?  Darn right it is!  If we didn't use the word 'technician' for Mark we could easily substitute the word 'Artist'.  Mark takes great pride in his work...and he should.  He's the guy who can fix what others can't....and we are lucky to have him on board.  When he's not turning wrenches or performing magic under the hood Mark loves to drag race and spend time with his family.  He wants to have dinner with Don Garlits, Shirly Muldowney and John Force and if he did, I'm certain he could offer up some tips.  Give Mark a shot....bring him something impossible to fix.  He'll get it done!

  • Ronnie Baker
    Service Technician

    Quality Certified Technicians take years to develop.  Ronnie has the background and tenure to stand with the best.  In his spare time he loves to fish and watch the Cowboys....but when at work he quietly and efficiently gets the job done.  One of the backbones of our Service Department, Ronnie tackles our toughest repairs.

  • David Kalchik
    Service Technician

    When asked who he would like to have dinner with his choice was his wife, his son and his granddaughter.  David is a Detroit Lions fan who enjoys sailing and spending time with his family.  This man is our go to guy for all things transmission.  And since he's been here for 19 years...he's seen quite a few. 

  • Luis Ferrer
    Service Technician

    Luis is the guy we go to when we need something done right now.  He's always willing to pitch in when needed and he's an incredibly important part of the Service Team.  The 'Lion King' is still his favorite movie and he's currently reading 'Holes'....another great movie by the way.  In his spare time he likes to fish and watch the Rangers.

  • Dylan Baker
    Service Technician

    This young man has grown so much with the Toliver Service Department.  From an apprentice helper to a full fledged Certified Tech Dylan truly has a passion for his work.  A Packer's fan who still loves a good video game he fits well into todays more technological vehicle.  This fine young man will always greet you with a smile and a polite response...soft spoken...but his work speaks volumes.

  • Levi Salinas
    Service Technician

  • Kal Kalchik
    Service Technician

    This fella doesn't waste any time....he's fast...he's accurate....and he always has a great smile.  Working on his 6th year here he's always leading the pack and can fix anything we put in front of him.  Like his dad Kal is a Lions fan and puts family as a priority.  And like his dad, when asked who he would like to have dinner with, he responded 'my wife, my son and my daughter'. 

  • Jimmy Horn
    Lube Tech / Specialty Assistant

    This very special young man is the first person to greet you in the morning with a 'good morning' and a big smile.  Jimmy just tied the knot and counted the days aloud awaiting the day to marry the love of his life.  Fishing and keeping up with the Rangers are important escapes but spending time with his Mom, Dad and new Bride are his passions.

  • James Blanford
    Lube Tech / Special Assistant

    You see that 'twinkle' in his eye?  Well that's not a camera filter, it's just the spark that he brings when he's around.  James, although an Eagles fan, plays a valuable role in making sure your vehicle is in and out in a hurry...and done right the first time.  Other than his Bible studies James loves spending his free time with his family.

  • Aldo Yanez
    Service Technician

    Dinner with Dave Chappelle, Leonardo Dicaprio and Gordon Ramsey is on his bucket list.  Aldo is a 'Scarface' & Spurs fan as well...but at work....Aldo knows how to get things done...and done well.  This young man has a big future with our Group....and we are proud to have him on board.

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